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Chapter XXXII. The Glorification; Its Fourth Stage-The First Period of Adult Life.

COMPARE this diagram with XXXI. This diagram represents the complete Glorification of the spiritual mind of the LORD and the commencement of the Glorification of His natural mind. The lowest degree of the spiritual mind c from being Divine Truth, as in Diagram XXXI, has been made Divine Good, and the highest degree of the natural mind d from being truth divine has been made Divine Truth itself. The middle degree of the natural mind e has become truth divine of the purest order suited to that degree. The lowest degree f has been purified and perfected and thus advanced in preparation for Glorification. And through this degree the degrees D and E have also progressed.

As d has been made Divine Truth, its union with c is now commenced and the interior scat of perception has been elevated into c, now opened and united with d. This union and perception are yet to be perfected when d in the next period shall have been made Divine Good also.

The improvement in D and E consisted in discarding impurities and in appropriating purer natural substance in more perfect form.

Such only could have been the renovation of these planes before all the higher planes had been made actually Divine. Till then the limbus and gross body could be rendered only more and more correspondent to the Divine and so more fully but finitely recipient of the Divine.

Similar was it, as already implied, with all the degrees in the spiritual and natural minds, B and C. These, until made Divine, consisted of organic forms of spiritual substances from the planes of the spiritual world and so were created and finite. The organic forms in these degrees, while the degrees were unglorified, were continually undergoing finite renovation and being rendered more correspondent to the Divine Itself and so more receptive of the Divine. This was accomplished by a rejection of impurities and substitution of more perfect substances from the same planes, the principal difference being that these changes were in spiritual substances, but the changes in D and E in natural substances. Without this elimination and the construction of more perfect forms from fresh substances no change of state nor advancing renovation could have occurred in the yet unglorified degrees; hence no exercise of will and understanding, no temptation combats and victories, no acts of redemption, no emanation of sphere, - nor indeed ultimate Glorification. Totally different the source of renewal in the act of Glorification. Now the substances and forms replacing the finite, are Divine spiritual and Divine natural, and are from within.

The spiritual mind of the LORD being entirely Divine, His natural mind partly so, its remaining degrees purer and more intensely active, and the natural body more respondent to Divine influx, greater wonders of restoration and consolation in the heavens and of renovation and illumination in the world of spirits, are now accomplished. The heavens find new repose on the world of spirits. The world of spirits draws fresh strength from the heavens, and so direct and potent is the influx into the very body of the LORD that Divine works are performed even on earth.

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XXXII. The Glorification; Its Fourth Stage-The First Period of Adult Life.

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