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Colour in the Diagrams 11


Diagram 1. (Two Forms.)
Chapter I. The Spiritual and the Natural 15

Diagram II. (Two Forms.)
Chapter II. The Spirit Twofold, -Mind and Spiritual Body 17

Diagram III. (Two Forms.)
Chapter III. The Inmost or the Soul Proper 19

Diagram IV.
Chapter IV. The Mind; its two Faculties-Will and Understanding 21

Diagram V.
Chapter V. Will and Understanding. - Another view, 25

Diagram VI.
Chapter VI. The Internal and the External Mind, 27

Diagram VII.
Chapter VII. Internal Will and Understanding, and External Will and Understanding 29

Diagram VIII.
Chapter VIII. The Mind in Three Degrees 3 1

Diagram IX
Chapter IX. Three Degrees. - Another view 35

Diagram X.
Chapter X. The Spiritual or Internal Mind in Three Degrees, 37
Relation of the Three Heavens and the Two Kingdoms, 37

Diagram XI.
Chapter XI. Illustration of Passages 39

Diagram XII.
Chapter XII. The Mind as the Two Kingdoms 43

Diagram XIII.
Chapter XIII. Relation of the Degrees of the Natural Mind to those of the Spiritual 47

Diagram XIV.
Chapter XIV. Each Degree of the Spiritual Mind in three Planes 51

Diagram XV.
Chapter XV. The Limbus 53

Diagram XVI.
Chapter XVI. The Limbus Retained after Death, 61

Diagram XVII.
Chapter XVII. All the Degrees-in Trines 63

Diagram XVIII. (Two Forms.)
Chapter XVIII. Man at Birth 65
Errors Regarding the Child's Inheritance from the Mother, 72

Supplement 73

Diagram XIX.
Chapter XIX. Growth during Infancy 75

Diagram XX.
Chapter XX. Growth during Childhood 85

Diagram XXI.
Chapter XXI. Growth during Youth 89

Diagram XXII.
Chapter XXII. Adult Life. - First Degree of Regeneration, 93

Diagram XXIII.
Chapter XXIII. The Second Degree of Regeneration,. 101

Diagram XXIV.
Chapter XXIV. The Third Degree of Regeneration, 103

Diagram XXV.
Chapter XXV. The Wicked 107


Diagram XXVI. (Two Forms.)
Chapter XXVI. The Human of the LORD before the Incarnation 113

Diagram XXVII.
Chapter XXVII. The Degrees of the Human and whence Taken 119

Diagram XXVIII. (Two Forms.)
Chapter XXVIII. State of the Human at Birth 125
Similarity and Dissimilarity between the LORD at Birth and other Infants 125

Diagram XXIX.
Chapter XXIX. The Glorification; Its First Stage - Infancy, 135

Diagram XXX.
Chapter XXX. The Glorification; Its Second Stage Childhood 143

Diagram XXXI.
Chapter XXXI. The Glorification; Its Third Stage-Youth, 145

Diagram XXXII.
Chapter XXXII. The Glorification; Its Fourth Stage - The First Period of Adult Life 149.

Diagram XXXIII.
Chapter XXXIII. The Glorification; Its Fifth Stage-The Second Period of Adult Life 151

Diagram XXXIV. (Two Forms.)
Chapter XXXIV. The Glorification; Its Sixth Stage-The Third Period of Adult Life 153

Diagram XXXV. (Two Forms.)
Chapter XXXV. The Glorification Complete; Its Seventh and Last Stage. - The Fourth Period of Adult Life, 155

Addendum 157

Abbreviations for the Books of the Writings

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