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Appendix IV. The Stones of the Breastplate

The Tabernacle of Israel, by George de Charms, 1969

ROW I. The celestial love of good.

1. Ruby -- The truth of celestial good, which is the good of the highest heaven.

Reuben -- Truth of faith. Even the celestial love of good begins from truth, and indeed the truth of faith which is relatively external. But from celestial good that truth is pellucid, and shines with the flaming light of the sun of heaven.

2. Topaz -- The derivation of the word is uncertain, and the exact stone referred to is unknown. Its signification is derived from its color, which here is red. There is a red topaz. The good of celestial love. Being in the middle, this stone has the significance of this row par excellence.

Simeon -- Faith in the will. Obedience. Inmostly providence.

3. Carbuncle -- Derived from a word which means flashing as from fire. Resplendence from good.

Levi -- Charity. Mutual love. In the supreme sense Divine love and mercy. The priesthood.

ROW II. The celestial love of truth.

1. Chrysoprase -- Translated emerald. Original word is ( ). The derivation of the word is unknown, and the kind of stone referred to is uncertain. It was, at any rate, of a blue color, and represented the celestial love of truth.

Judah -- The celestial of faith; name derived from root meaning "to confess." In the supreme sense, the Lord and the Divine of His love; in the internal sense, the Word and the celestial kingdom; in the external sense, the doctrine from the Word which is of the celestial church.

2. Sapphire -- Divine truth translucent in the ultimate of order. Translucence from the truths of celestial love. The external of the celestial kingdom. It has the representation of this row par excellence.

Dan -- Acknowledgment. Named from judging. In highest sense, righteousness and mercy; in the internal sense, what is holy of faith; in the external sense, the good of life. Those who are in the first heaven, but celestial.

3. Diamond -- Truth of celestial love. Translucent from an internal blueness. "The reception of life in the highest degree may be compared to the influx of light into a diamond." T.C.R. 34e.

Naphtali -- Named from strugglings. Temptation in winch man overcomes. This is the medium of conjunction of the internal man with the external. The state of man after temptations is signified, which is one of enlightenment from celestial truth. Interior perception of uses.

ROW III. The spiritual love of good.

1. Cyamis -- Called a ligure in the Word Explained. Also translated opal and jacinth. The original word is ( ), of unknown derivation. Cyanite is a semi-precious stone of a blue or a green color. Ligure and jacinth are supposed to be two names for the same stone, which is of a hyacinthine color, or a dark purple. It seems probable, and is in accord with the majority opinion of authorities, that the opal was the stone referred to. Blue from white. The spiritual love of good.

Gad -- The good of faith. Good works from the truth of faith.

2. Agate or turquoise -- What stone is meant is not known. It was of a color blue from white. Spiritual love of good.

Asher -- Signifies blessedness. The delight of the affections corresponding to the happiness of eternal life. Mutual love, the love of use.

3. Amethyst -- Said to be a blue stone. Spiritual love of good.

Issachar -- Conjugial love. Named from "hire." The conjunction of good and truth. Recompense from works.

ROW IV. The spiritual love of truth.

1. Tarshish, chrysolite, thalassius -- Translated beryl. Truth from spiritual good and power thence. Shining white from blue.

Zebulon -- From to cohabit. Conjunction of the goods of the natural man with the truths therein. Conjugial love. Those in the affirmative of truth.

2. Shoham, sardonyx, and sardius -- the onyx stone. The truths of faith from love.

Joseph -- Celestial of the spiritual. The spiritual man. The spiritual kingdom par excellence.

3. Jasper -- The truth of faith and the derivative intelligence. All things of doctrine from the Word in order, and translucent from the internal sense.

Benjamin -- Spiritual of the celestial. New truth.


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