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Conjugial Love

by Emanuel Swedenborg

Table of Contents

Part One:  Delights of Wisdom Relating to Conjugial Love

Introduction:  The Joys of Heaven and a Wedding There

Marriages in Heaven

The State of Married Partners after Death

Truly Conjugial Love

The Origin of Conjugial Love from the Marriage Between Good and Truth

The Marriage of the Lord and the Church and Correspondence to It

Chastity and Its Absence

The Conjunction of Souls and Minds by Marriage, Meant by the Lord's Saying That They Are No Longer Two But One Flesh

The Change in the State of of Life in Men and Women Made by Marriage

Universal Matters Relating to Marriages

Reasons in Marriage for Cold States, Separation and Divorce

Reasons in Marriage for Apparent Love, Friendship and Favor

Betrothals and Weddings

Second Marriages



The Conjunction of Conjugial Love with a Love of Little Children

Part Two:  Pleasures of Insanity Relating to Licentious Love

The Opposition of Licentious Love to Conjugial Love


Taking a Mistress

Adultery in Its Kinds and Degrees

The Lust to Deflower

The Lust for Variety

The Lust to Rape

The Lust to Seduce States of Innocence

The Correspondence of Licentiousness to Violation of the Spiritual Marriage

The Imputation of Each Love, Licentious and Conjugial

-from Emanuel Swedenborg, Conjugial Love (trans. by Rev. N. B. Rogers, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania 1995)

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Conjugial Love

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