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The Revelation Process

An introduction

Swedenborg and His Revelation:  An Anthology

An extensive collection of articles covering a variety of aspects of this subject, from the nature of Swedenborg's preparation to the revelation process itself.

"Lest therefore that the man of the New Church should wander about, like those of the Old, in the shade that obscures the sense of the letter of the Word, especially in respect to heaven and hell and man's life after death, and ... in respect to the Lord's coming, it has pleased the Lord to open the sight of my spirit, and thus introduce me into the spiritual world.  He has thus permitted me not only to talk with spirits and angels, and relatives and friends, and even with kings and princes who have finished their course in the natural world, but also to behold the mighty wonders of heaven and the miseries of hell.  I have also seen that man after death does not abide in some indeterminate place in the earth, nor flit about blind and dumb in the air or in the empty void, but lives as a man in a substantial body, and in a more perfect state if he joins the company of the blessed....." (Emanuel Swedenborg, The True Christian Religion  771)

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The revelation process

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