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Who Is God?

An introduction

1. An Overview of God and the Word.  Of particular note is the Writings' explanation of God as a human being, Divine, but human, not an impersonal force or mysterious, unknowable Yehowah/"Father."

2. Jesus Christ.  The Writings teach that the description of Christ's life in the Bible is hardly an iceberg tip of the huge spiritual drama that was going on "behind the scenes" during His life on earth, for instance battling the hells from the moment of His birth.  Seeing the full spiritual history puts the story of His life in a very different perspective, particularly with regard to its implications for the human race. 



     Easter,  including review of Christ's glorification process

3. The Relation of God and Christ The Writings answer the question that has puzzled Christians for centuries, of how God and Christ (and the Holy Spirit) could be the same person - i.e. truly one God. 

4. The Second Coming  To preserve free will, prophecy is always ambiguous and thus open to interpretation.  Thus, some people did not accept Christ as being who He said He was since He did not fit their interpretation of the prophecies of the Messiah.  Similarly, the Writings teach that the Second Coming already occurred, two centuries ago, in fact, and that it took place in the spiritual world, although it has had profound spiritual ramifications for this world as well. As in the case of the first coming, we are in free will to decide for ourselves whether we think this coming fits its prophecies as well.

5.  Additional Biblical References

6. Books of the Writings on God




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Who is God?

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