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The Second Coming

An introduction

How the Second Coming Happened - a classic and fascinating review, explaining in logical and inspiring fashion just how it all came about.

The Second Coming - A short and information-packed summary, tying together both the first and second advents, and including such intriguing points as that, since God is omnipresent, how can He "come" where He already is?

The Second Coming of the Lord - Another brief overview, raising some different points, such as why the Lord didn't explain the delay of the Second Coming to His disciples, and, since that Coming has occurred, now what do we have to look forward to?

John and Swedenborg and the Second Coming of the Lord - on the parallels of their respective revelations

"What the Bible Says" about The Second Coming

Two Advents: One Divine Process - a deeper and doctrinally more complex reflection on the relationship between the First and Second Comings

The Truth: Seen and Heard - relating, among other things, the parallel between the miracles at the First Coming and Swedenborg's experiences at the Second Coming

The Mode of the Second Coming - done, as always, by means of a person

The Divine Inspiration of Swedenborg - compares in some detail the mechanics of how the Biblical revelation and Swedenborg's worked

How Prophecy Works

The Gathering of the Elect - a review of teachings on this Biblical idea

The Fulfillment of Prophecy

The Messianic Prophecy and Its Fulfillment

The Use of Dreams and Visions in Preparing for the Lord's Second Coming




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The Second Coming

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