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An introduction

Rev. Worcester's The Language of Parable and Rev. Alan Grange's The Structure of New Church Teaching provide excellent introductions to this topic, and the other readings illustrate the concept's reach. 

Further Reading:

Correspondences in the Word of God

God's Explanation of Bible Symbolism  - A classic text reviewing of the correspondences of the Bible, illustrating the extraordinary reach of the correspondence concept.

Excerpt from The Structure of New Church Teaching

Correspondences: The Key to Ancient Wisdom

Seeing from Correspondence

The White Horse

See also  What the Bible Says section on The Bible's Inner Meaning

Chart from de Charms' The Growth of the Mind summarizing the "big picture" of correspondences of the seven days of creation, relating them to mental development and the whole sweep of both the Old and New Testaments.

Correspondences in Creation

Creation  - a review of how the creation process itself worked, which was based on correspondences

A book The Tabernacle of Israel illustrates the significance of  even details of the Biblical account.

The Church and the Human Form and The Racial Man and the Human Form of Society on aspects of the most important correspondence - the human form, from the form of God Himself.

The Nature and Origin of Language  A classic example of the wide reach of correspondences in human existence is illustrated in the fact that language is based on correspondence.  This paper briefly summarizes worldly scholarship on this issue and then reviews the Writings teachings on language's correspondential origins.

The Doctrine of Correspondences: Both Science and Philosophy -- a scholarly paper reviewing some of the teaching on the idea that correspondences are at the heart of a full concept of science

Website: Science of Correspondences




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