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Correspondences Chart

from "The Growth of the Mind"

by Rev. George deCharms


The Seven Days of Mental Growth: Correspondences

To 1 Month
To 3 Years
To 6 Years
To 9 Years
To 12 Years
To 15 Years
To 18 Years
To 21 Years
Story of Creation

Darkness, Void, Spirit of God Moving

Light Day and Night

1st Day

Firmament Waters Divided

2nd Day

Dry Land Seas Grass Herbs Trees

3rd Day

Sun Moon Stars

4th Day

Birds, Fishes,

5th Day

Cattle Reptiles Beasts Man

6th Day

Rest, No Rain No Man, Mist Man Formed

7th Day
Mental Growth

Dawn of Consciousness

To Noting Relations

Basic Knowledges and Remains Ordered

Basic Laws Memory Imagination

Moral Law Conscience


Love of the Practical Use

No Representative Faith

Ordering for Use
Story of a Nation (Old Testament)

Origin of the Nation

Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 11:32

Call of Abram to Birth of Isaac

Genesis 12:21

Patriarchs Isaac Jacob Joseph

Genesis 21:50

Organization Moses to Crossing of Jordan

Exodus 1 to Joshua 4

Rule of Judges

Joshua 4 to 1 Samuel 9

United Kingdom

1 Samuel 9 to 1 Kings 11

Divided Kingdom to Captivity

1 Kings 11 to 11 Kings 25

Preparation for the Advent

Life of Christ (New Testament)

Incarnation Presentation

To Age of Twelve

Life in Nazareth

To Age of Thirty First Passover

To Age of Thirty-one Second Passover

To Age of Thirty-two and a Half Feast of Tabernacles

To Age of Thirty-three Crucifixion

Resurrection to Ascension






- from Rt. Rev. George de Charms, The Growth of the Mind (Bryn Athyn, Pa.: The Academy Book Room, 1953)


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