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The Divine Providence

by Emanuel Swedenborg

While the work on The Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom explains how God created the universe and some aspects of how He relates to it, The Divine Providence contains more detail on how He operates the universe, including the laws He follows in doing this, and  particularly detailing how that operation is related to peoples' free will.

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Table of Contents

I. What Divine Providence is

II. The goal of Divine Providence

III. The outlook of Divine Providence

IV. Providence has its laws

V. Its regard for human freedom and reason

VI. Even in the struggle against evil

VII. The law of noncompulsion

VIII. The law of overt guidance

IX. The law of hidden operation

X. Divine Providence and human prudence

XI. Binding time and eternity

XII. The law guarding against profanation

XIII. Laws of tolerance in the laws of Providence

XIV. Why evil is permitted

XV. Providence attends the evil and the good

XVI. Providence and prudence in the appropriation of good and evil to man

XVII. The salvation of all the design of Providence

XVIII. The steadfast observance of its laws by Providence

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