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Heaven and Hell

by Emanuel Swedenborg

The most widely known book of the Writings is Heaven and Hell, which contains greater detail about those places, and the intermediate place where people go immediately

Part I Heaven

1. The Lord is heaven's God

2. The Lord's Divine makes heaven

3. The Lord's Divine in heaven is love for him and charity toward one's neighbor

4. Heaven is divided into two kingdoms

5. There are three heavens

6. The heavens are made up of countless communities

7. Each community is a heaven in a smaller form, and each angel a heaven in the smallest form

8. Heaven, if seen as a single entity, reflects a single person

9. Each community in the heavens reflects a single person

10. Each angel is therefore in a perfect human form

11. Heaven as a whole and in its parts reflects a person because it stems from the Lord's Divine Human

12. There is a correspondence between everything in heaven and everything in man

13. heaven has a correspondence with everything on earth

14. The Sun in heaven

15. Light and warmth in heaven

16. The four major regions in heaven

17. Changes of State of angels in heaven

18. Time in heaven

19. Representations and appearances in heaven

20. The clothes angels are seen wearing

21. Angels' homes and houses

22. Space in heaven

23. Heaven's form, which patterns associations and communications there

24. Governments in heaven

25. Divine worship in heaven

26. The power of heaven's angels

27. Angels' language

28. Angels' speech with man

29. Written materials in heaven

30. The wisdom of heaven's angels

31. Angels' state of innocence in heaven

32. The state of peace in heaven

33. Heaven's bond with the human race

34. Heaven's bond with man through the word

35. Heaven and hell are from the human race

36. The heathen or peoples outside the church in heaven

37. Children in heaven

38. Wise and simple people in heaven

39. Rich and poor people in heaven

40. Marriages in heaven

41. Angels' occupations in heaven

42. Heavenly joy and happiness

43. The vastness of heaven

Part II  The World of Spirits

44. What the world of spirits is

45. Everyone is a spirit as far as his more inward reaches are concerned

46. Man's awakening from the dead and entrance into eternal life

47. After death, people exist in a perfect human form

48. After death, a person is engaged in every sense, memory, thought, and affection he Was Engaged in, in the World: He Leaves Nothing Behind Except His earthly body

49. A person's Quality After death Is the Same as the Quality of his life in the world was

50. After death, Everyone's Life Pleasures Are Changed into Things that correspond to Them

51. Man's First State After death

52. Man's Second State After death

53. Man's Third State After death Which Is a State of Instruction for people who are Entering heaven

54. No one enters heaven by direct mercy

55. Leading a heaven-bound life is not as hard as people believe

Part III  Hell

56. The Lord governs the hells

57. The Lord does not cast anyone into hell; rather, the person himself does

58. All the people who are in the hells are involved in evil things and consequent False things as a result of their loves of themselves and the world

59. What hell-fire and gnashing of teeth are

60. The malice and unspeakable arts of hellish spirits

61. The appearance, location, and abundance of hells

62. The balance between heaven and hell

63. Man is in a freedom by means of the balance between heaven and hell


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Heaven and Hell

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