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Spirits and Men

Some Essays on the Influence of Spirits upon Men,

as Described in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

Hugo Lj. Odhner


Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania




  1. The Knowledge of the Afterlife

  2. Spirits and Men

  3. The Danger of Open Communication with Spirits

  4. Our Spiritual Guardians

  5. Spirits and Human States

  6. Spiritual Associations

  7. Influx and Persuasion

  8. Influx and Cupidity

  9. Enthusiastic Spirits

  10. Spiritual Causes of Fortune

  11. "Cuticular Spirits" and "Sirens"

  12. Dreams

  13. General Influx

  14. Influx and Disease

  15. Mental Causes of Illness

  16. Spiritual Sources of Health

  17. Angelic Intermediacy in Divine Revelation


A note about language: In these books, 'Man' refers to humans (men and women), 'his' refers to his and hers (theirs), and so on.  A gender-neutral version of this book as been made, but we do not have permission to republish it.


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Spirits and Men

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