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A large part of the material used in the following essays was originally collected for some doctrinal addresses given before audiences in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, some twenty years ago. Chapter IV is based on an article published in New Church Life in May 1932. With reference to the chapters on Disease, Doctor Marlin W. Heilman and Doctor Robert Alden made several kind suggestions. And the Reverend W. Cairns Henderson has acted as my valued consultant in the preparation of the manuscript for the press.

Selected references to the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg have been inserted as footnotes for the convenience of those who might wish to consult our sources on specific points; and a list of abbreviations used to designate various cited works of Swedenborg is given at the beginning of the volume.

Since the subjects of the chapters intertwine, a certain amount of reiteration could not be avoided except at the sacrifice of clarity. The book is submitted in its present formówith many referencesóin the hope that it may encourage its readers to further studies of the unique testimony of Swedenborg about the relationship of the two worlds and the connection of the spirit with the body. Its publication by the Book Room of the Academy of the New Church adds to the many debts which the author owes to his Alma Mater.

Hugo Lj. Odhner

May 1958


The Spiritual World
Spirits and Men
Talks: Spiritual World
10Q: Life After Death


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