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Cited Works by Emanuel Swedenborg

AC Arcana Coelestia
AE Apocalypse Explained
AR Apocalypse Revealed
Can. Canons of the New Church
Char. Doctrine of Charity
CL Conjugial Love
CLJ Continuation of the Last Judgment
Coro. Coronis
DLW Divine Love and Wisdom
Dom. De Domino
DP Divine Providence
DV De Verbo
EU Earths in the Universe
5 Mem. Five Memorable Relations
HD New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine
HH Heaven and Hell
Infl. Influx, or Interaction of Soul and Body
Inv. Invitation to the New Church
LJ The Last Judgment
LJ post. The Last Judgment (posthumous)
Lord The Doctrine concerning the Lord
Love On the Divine Love
9 Q Nine Questions concerning the Trinity
SD The Spiritual Diary
SD min. The Spiritual Diary Minor
TCR The True Christian Religion
WE The Word Explained (Adversaria)
Wis. On the Divine Wisdom
1 Econ. Economy of the Animal Kingdom, Part I
2 Econ. Economy of the Animal Kingdom, Part II
Fibre Economy of the Animal Kingdom, Part III
R. Psych. The Rational Psychology
Docu. Documents concerning Swedenborg (R. L. Tafel)

The Spiritual World
Spirits and Men
Talks: Spiritual World
10Q: Life After Death


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