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Pastor's Corner

by Rev. Robert S. Jungé

One of the most fundamental teachings of The New Church is that people should be in spiritual freedom.  Consequently, The New Church values free inquiry and does not believe in putting pressure on people.  We feel that the Writings revealed through Swedenborg are from God, and certainly want to let people know that those Writings exist.  People can't be in spiritual freedom to decide what they think about the Writings if they've never heard of them!  But we don't feel it's our place to force the Doctrines' teachings on anyone.  Christ's statement about "Ask, and it will be given to you" (Matt. 7: 7) is in effect our motto -  people asking is the first step.

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Note that when ministers speak of the "Writings" or the "Heavenly Doctrines" they are referring to the Divinely inspired teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

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Pastor's Corner

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