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Works of Emanuel Swedenborg

  • A. C. Arcana Coelestia.
  • A. E. Apocalypse Explained.
  • A. R. Apocalypse Revealed.
  • C. L. Conjugial Love.
  • Cont. L. J. Continuation of Last Judgment.
  • Cor. Coronis.
  • D. L. W. Divine Love and Wisdom.
  • D. Life. Doctrine of Life.
  • D. Lord. Doctrine of the Lord.
  • D. P. Divine Providence.
  • E. U. Earths in the Universe.
  • H. H. Heaven and Hell.
  • I. S. B. Intercourse between the Soul and Body.
  • Inv. Invitation to the New Church.
  • L. J. Last Judgment.
  • N. J. H. D. The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine.
  • P. P. Summary Exposition ot the Prophets and Psalms.
  • S. D. Spiritual Diary.
  • S. S. Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture.
  • T. C. R. True Christian Religion.
  • W. H. The White Horse.

Crown of Revelations
Rebirth, Reincarnation
The Holy Center
Salvation in the Gospels
Psychology of Marriage
Precious Stones
The Human Mind
The Moral Life
Saul, David & Solomon
Bible Lost & Found
The Human Soul
Genesis and Exodus
City of God
Swedenborg Cosmology
Ultimate Reality
The Pattern of Time
Means of Salvation
NC: Sex and Marriage
Book with Seven Seals
My Lord and My God
Philosopher, Metaphysician
Inspiration of Genesis
Words In Swedenborg
Book Expo
Missionary Talks
Tabernacle of Israel
A Brief View of the Heavenly Doctrines
Ancient Mythology
Odhner: Creation
Ten Commandments
Christ and The Trinity
Discrete Degrees
Body Correspondences
Language of Parable
The Ten Blessings
Creation in Genesis
The Third Source
Noble's "Appeal"
Life After Death


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