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The Talks contained in the following pages, are founded upon actual conversations the author has had on all the subjects treated, with persons in many places of the wide field, in the United States and Canada, over which his missionary labours have extended during the past nine years. Some of these articles were published in the New Church Messenger, and some in the Morning Light. And thereby the thought was suggested that they might serve a use by being given to the public in the form of a little volume.

It has been the desire and aim of the writer, to lead the reader to an investigation of the Doctrines of the New Church. And, in the case of those who have already a general knowledge of them, to stimulate them to further inquiry into those Spiritual Writings which were given to mankind by the lord, through the instrumentality of Emanuel Swedenborg.

For in these Writings are revealed the heavenly doctrines of the Word of God, which is the Fountain of Wisdom. These Writings are, as it were, a "Great Light" in the world, which is intended to enlighten more and more the nations of the earth.

That these Talks, therefore, may be the means of directing attention to the Divine Teachings of the Word of God : that they may be of use in leading to an acknowledgment of the LORD alone, as the Infinite Source of good and truth, the Father of mercies, who shall finally confer upon all His faithful ones the unspeakable joys of eternal life, is the ardent hope of the author.



Toronto, Canada,
November 1st, 1888.

Looking to the Lord

our Father, we adore Thee,
We humbly bow before Thee,

Thou glorious Lord of all;
+In mercy now draw near us,
In Thy compassion hear us,

As on Thy name we call.

We feel our imperfection,
And ask Thy kind protection,

From error, sin, and harm ;
Of all good gifts the Giver,
Thou canst our souls deliver,

By Thine own mighty arm.

Thy Sun does shine above us,
We know that Thou dost love us,

Thou light of life Divine;
May Thy good Spirit cheer us,
May angels e'er be near us,

May we be wholly Thine.

In daily tribulation,
In trial and temptation,

Our hope is but in Thee;
We do confess, in meekness,
Our strength is only weakness,

Thy truth can make us free.

* These verses were composed during one of my missionary tours, in the year 1884, while making the journey by railway from Port Huron, Michigan, to Almont, in the same State, a distance of thirty-four miles.—J. E. B.

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