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Index of Swedenborg's works quoted

Pr. Principia rerum naturalium sive novorum tentaminum phaenomena mundi elementaris philosophice explicandi, Dresden and Leipzig, 1734. Transl. into English by A. Clissold: The principia, or the first principles of natural things, being new attempts toward a philosophical explanation of the elementary world, London, 1846. Abridged tit.: Principia.
EAK Oeconomia regni animalis anatomice, physice, et philosophice perlustratum, London and Amsterdam, 1740-1741. Transl. into English by A. Clissold: The economy of the Animal Kingdom, considered anatomically, physically, and philosophically, London, 1843. Abridged tit.: Regnum animale.
Cer. Venetian treatise on "The cerebrum", written in 1738, posth. transl. and publ. by A. Acton: Three transactions on "The cerebrum," Swedenborg Scientific Association, Philadelphia, Pa., 1938. Abridged tit.: Cerebrum.
Fib. Emanuelis Swedenborgii Oeconomia regni animalis in transactiones divisa III, written in 1740, posth. publ. by J.J.G. Wilkinson, London, 1847. Transl. into English by A. Acton: The medullary fibre of the brain and the nerve fibre of the body. The arachnoid tunic. Disease of the fibre, Philadelphia, Pa., 1918. Abridged tit.: Fibre.
BR. The London Additions to "The Brain," written in 1744, posth. transl. and publ. by R.L. Tafel: The Brain considered anatomically, physiologically and philosophically, London, 1882-1887.
Senses  Emanuelis Swedenborgii Regnum animale anatomice, physice et philosophice perlustratum IV, written in 1744, posth. publ. by J.F.I. Tafel, Tübingen and London 1848. Transl. into English by E.S. Price: The five senses by Emanuel Swedenborg, Philadelphia, Pa., 1914. Abridged tit.: Senses.
AK Regnum animale anatomice, physice, et philosophice perlustratum, (Vols. I and II), The Hague, 1744; (Vol. III, London, 1745. Transl. into English by J.J.G. Wilkinson: The Animal Kingdom considered anatomically, physically and philosophically, London, 1843. Abridged tit.: Regnum animale.
JD The Journal of Dreams (Drömboken), English version by J.J.G. Wilkinson revised by W.R. Woofenden, ed. by The Swedenborg Foundation Inc., New York, N.Y., US, 1977.
WE Emanuelis Swedenborgii Adversaria in libros Veteris Testamenti, written in 1745-1747, posth. publ. by J. Fr. Immanuel Tafel, Tubingen and London, 1847-1854. Transl. into English by A. Acton: The Word of the Old Testament Explained, Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, USA, 1927-1948. Abridged tit.: Adversaria.
SD The spiritual diary - Records and Notes made by Emanuel Swedenborg between 1746 and 1765: translation into English of Swedenborg's Diarium spirituale by A.W. Acton (Vol. I), G. Bush and J.H. Smithson (Vols. II-III), G. Bush and J. F. Buss (Vol. IV), and J.F. Buss (Vol. V), publ. by The Swedenborg Society, London, and The Swedenborg Foundation Inc., New York, 1971-1978. Swedenborg himself didn't publish or put any title to this diary. This was done for the first time by J.F.I. Tafel of Tubingen University. In 1843-1846, Tafel transcribed and published the original Latin manuscript, which is kept by the Royal Academy of Sciences of Stockholm. Passages quoted have been collated with the Latin version.
AC Arcana Caelestia quae in Scriptura Sacra seu Verbo Domini sunt, detecta; hic primum quae in Genesi; una cum mirabilibus quae visa sunt in mundo spirituum, et in coelo angelorum, London 1749-1756. Tansl. into English by J.F. Potts et alia: Heavenly Arcana contained in the Holy Scripture or Word of the Lord, unfolded, beginning with the Book of Genesis, together with wonderful things seen in the World of Spirits and in the Heaven of Angels, The Swedenborg Society, various eds. and reprintings, London 1916-1978.
DLW Sapientia angelica de Divino amore et de Divina sapientia, Amsterdam, 1763. Transl. into English by C. Harley and D.H. Harley with the colab. of G.T. Hill: Angelic Wisdom concerning the Divine Love and Wisdom, The Swedenborg Society, London, 1969.
AE Apocalypsis explicata secundum sensum spiritualem, written in 1758-1759, posth. publ. in Latin and English by S.H. Worcester, New York, 1889-1894.
AR Apocalypsis revelata in qua deteguntur arcana quae ibi praedicta sunt, et hactenus recondita latuerunt, Amsterdam, 1766. Transl. into English by F.F. Coulson, The Swedenborg Society, London, 1970.
CL Deliciae sapientiae de amore conjugiali; post quas sequuntur voluptates insaniae de amore scortatorio, Amsterdam, 1768. Transl. into English by A.H. Searle: The Delights of Wisdom relating to Conjugial Love, after which follow the Pleasures of Insanity relating to Scortatory Love, The Swedenborg Society, London, 1891.
TCR Vera christiana religio continens universam theologiam Novae Ecclesiae, Amsterdam, 1771. Transl. into English by Wm. C. Dick with the collaboration of E.A. Sutton: The True Christian Religion, The Swedenborg Society, London, 1975.



Crown of Revelations
Rebirth, Reincarnation
The Holy Center
Salvation in the Gospels
Psychology of Marriage
Precious Stones
The Human Mind
The Moral Life
Saul, David & Solomon
Bible Lost & Found
The Human Soul
Genesis and Exodus
City of God
Swedenborg Cosmology
Ultimate Reality
The Pattern of Time
Means of Salvation
NC: Sex and Marriage
Book with Seven Seals
My Lord and My God
Philosopher, Metaphysician
Inspiration of Genesis
Words In Swedenborg
Book Expo
Missionary Talks
Tabernacle of Israel
A Brief View of the Heavenly Doctrines
Ancient Mythology
Odhner: Creation
Ten Commandments
Christ and The Trinity
Discrete Degrees
Body Correspondences
Language of Parable
The Ten Blessings
Creation in Genesis
The Third Source
Noble's "Appeal"
Life After Death


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