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The author is indebted to inspiration he has received from many authors, but two of the old classics he wishes to mention particularly: The Plenary Inspiration of the Scriptures by Rev. Samuel Noble, and Great Truths on Great Subjects by Rev. Jonathan Bayley, Ph.D.

The Reverend Doctor Hugo Lj. Odhner has acted as his valued consultant and has read the manuscript many times and offered very valuable suggestions. We are deeply grateful to him for his many excellent emendations.

Without the encouragement and assistance given him by Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Pitcairn the work could never have been accomplished and in this connection the faithful and skillful work of Mrs. Edward C. Bostock, III, in typing the manuscript and reading the proof and helping to prepare the index should be mentioned.

The book itself is based upon the author's thirty-four years of teaching Religion to high school boys and girls and in conducting a class for adults who have been interested in the doctrine of the New Church, and this over a period of some twenty-two years.

Karl R. Alden

December 1958

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