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Letter 1.

In reply to the question," How can you prove to me that there is within me any principle distinct from matter ? "

Letter 2.

On the nature of the human soul or spirit, as being a spiritual substance and form intended to receive life from God

Letter 3.

On the peculiarly important situation in which every individual of the human race is placed, as a receiver of life momentarily from God, in consequence of the danger to which he is exposed of being deceived by the appearance that this life is his own and self-derived

Letter 4.

On the progressive and gradual operation of the life of God in the soul or spirit of man, from its first commencement in the mother's womb, to the completion of man's growth in the several degrees of life, called corporeal, natural, rational, spiritual, and celestial

Letter 5.

On the progressive operation of the principle of life from God in the human soul or spirit, by virtue of which life man is not only gifted with corporeal, sensitive, and intelligent life, but also with spiritual and celestial life; and is thus exalted to the high honour and happiness of being regenerated in the image and likeness of his great Creator, and finally of entering into eternal conjunction with Him ..

Letter 6

On the mischiefs and dangers to which man is exposed by suffering himself to be confirmed in the appearance that his life is his own or self-derived; and, on the contrary, the blessing and security which never fail to result from the growing conviction that the all of his life is a continual derivation from a Divine Fountain, yet still intended to be exercised and enjoyed by him, as if it was absolutely his own and independent

Letter 7.

On the high worth and value of the human soul, as resulting from the consideration of its distinguished and eminent capacity to receive, and to bring into useful operation and and effect, the life of God.

Letter 8

On the astonishing capacity with which the soul of every human being is gifted, by virtue of the life it receives from God, of ascending by degrees from the lowest delights of sense, through all the intermediate gratifications of science, of reason, and of intellect; until it reaches the supreme joy, resulting from its reciprocal conjunction with the Most High, in the purity of His love, the brightness of His wisdom, and the power of His operation : and of the several distinct characters of relationship to the Divine Being which it acquires in that ascent.


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