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About the Author

Dr. Dorothea Harvey effectively combines her study and teaching of religion with the practical and personal power of religious symbolism, healing and mystical experience. Her ministry is one of concern for spiritual and personal growth. Many people have helped to create the material presented in this book by sharing their reactions and daily experiences, and have applied what they've learned about the power of the Old Testament to daily living.

Dr. Harvey has done extensive archeological study in the Near East and has a solid understanding of biblical stories and customs. Her knowledge of Hebrew and other Semitic languages complement well her interest in the Old Testament as it relates to her own life, as well as allowing her to speak with authority of its content and power.

Other publications by Dr. Harvey include works on the literary forms, the prophets, the forms of worship, and the women of the Old Testament.

Dr. Harvey is a 1943 graduate of Wellesley College. She earned her M. Div. at Union Theological Seminary and her doctorate in Literature of Religion at Columbia University. She has taught at Wellesley College, Milwaukee-Downer College and Lawrence University, and has been a professor of religion at Urbana College since 1968 and its chaplain since 1975. She is the minister of the Swedenborgian Church in Urbana, Ohio.

Dr. Dorothea Harvey

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